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TEDx Air Freeze

TEDxBocaRaton Embraces Urban Dance

Breakin’ it down at TEDxBocaRaton The city gathers to embrace “ideas worth sharing” and to their surprise are pleasantly energized by Hip-Hop’s acrobatic dance form, Breakin’. It is not everyday that a TEDx event finds its way into Boca Raton. So when I was walking around Florida Atlantic University, earlier this semester, and found a […]


“That Dance Party” Hits South Florida

That Dance Party Packs The House! Growing up in the ’90s in NYC was a trip. I got to play outside everyday after school, with $1 I could buy soda, chips, and candy, and there was always dope music on the radio. …it was just good vibes. Things were more simple and people were more […]


hip hop jams in south florida

First Class Hip Hop Jams in South Florida

Principles for Upgrading Hip Hop Jams in South Florida After 10 years of attending an uncountable amount of Hip Hop Jams in South Florida, I have developed a few simple principles that I believe can help new and existing promoters increase the impact of their events. As we navigate through these ideas it is important […]


professional dancers south florida

5 Habits of Successful Professional Dancers

5 Habits and Traits of Successful Professional Dancers In Hollywood there is a saying which almost all professional dancers have adapted, “it’s all about who you know”. You will hear it a million times over the span of your career but you should not put all your energy into searching for the so called “golden […]



Breakdance Goes Mainstream, Again.

Battle of the Year Brings a New Audience Battle of the Year is an upcoming 3D film directed by Benson Lee. The film will be released on September 20, 2013 through Screen Gems and will star Josh Holloway, Chris Brown, Laz Alonso, Caity Lotz, and Josh Peck. What is interesting about this dance film is […]