Category: 80s Style

Street Themed Mitzvah

The Executive Urban Experience at Ft. Lauderdale Airport – For this happening we teamed up with Silver Lining Catering & the Event Effects Group to produce a one of a kind urban/street themed mitzvah at Jet Runway Cafe. For the latest, stay tuned to our social channels! Until the next time. -Z  


80s Party for Actelion

80s Party for Actelion No Bodies Crew performing and interacting with the guests of Actelion’s 80s Party. Shout out to VMA Studios for the video production.


Breakdancers for 80s Events

Breakdancers for 80s Events Get them while they’re hot, we have all colors, all sizes, we even have breakdancers for 80s events and 90s events! So tell me, what else comes to your mind when you think 80s? Maybe the clothing, the hairstyles, Rock music, the famous Rubik’s Cube, and then— some MORE breakdancing!? Turbo […]