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Miami’s Break-dance Troupe

Miami’s Break-dance Troupe Who is Miami’s Break-dance Troupe? We will tell you, it’s No Bodies Crew. Established In 2007 We are entertainers, dancers, stunts-men/women, artists, personalities, and more. No Bodies Crew has been bringing the urban entertainment experience to events since 2007. It’s like you’ve seen in the movies, a real street show but with […]


Authentic Hip-Hop at TEDx Boca Raton

DJ Crunchtime & No Bodies Crew Brings Authentic Hip-Hop Culture to TEDx Boca Raton 2015 A world renown event in our own backyard sets the stage for NBDS to create a unique urban presentation that mixes various Hip-Hop disciplines. With music produced by our very own Daniel “Felix Fusik” Garcia (find the track here), scratched […]


Breakdancers for Festivals: OpSail Virginia 2012

Breakdancers for Festivals One of our favorite festival events hands down has got to be OpSail Virginia 2012. This event is so massive, and requires so many resources, that it takes place only once every 10 years. A $60 million dollar event that is the port of Virginia’s official celebration to commemorate the War of […]