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Breakdancers For Corporate Events

Breakdancers For Corporate Events in South Florida Since the late 90s, breakdance performances have been a highly requested act for a multitude of social happenings, which comes as no surprise since what festive audience wouldn’t want to see young guys spinning on their heads. What is interesting to see is that this urban specialty act […]


Breakdancers for 80s Events

Breakdancers for 80s Events Get them while they’re hot, we have all colors, all sizes, we even have breakdancers for 80s events and 90s events! So tell me, what else comes to your mind when you think 80s? Maybe the clothing, the hairstyles, Rock music, the famous Rubik’s Cube, and then— some MORE breakdancing!? Turbo […]


Breakdancers for Festivals: OpSail Virginia 2012

Breakdancers for Festivals One of our favorite festival events hands down has got to be OpSail Virginia 2012. This event is so massive, and requires so many resources, that it takes place only once every 10 years. A $60 million dollar event that is the port of Virginia’s official celebration to commemorate the War of […]