Implanted Dancer. Impactful 'WOW' Moment.

Unexpected Impact

Create impact with an unexpected implanted dancer at your event, meeting, or conference.

The ‘Implanted Dancer’ skit can be produced as a stand alone entertainment spectacle or it can be integrated into other NBDS interactive urban acts:

Implanted Dancer

The Emcee of the Urban Entertainment Act calls for some participants to learn some dynamic dance steps.

Implanted Dancer NBDS Productions

After a few fun moves and laughs, the participants are asked to return to their seats — except for one person (the implant).

Implanted Dancer NBDS Productions

The Implanted Dancer is then given some instruction on a few “advanced movements” with a slim 20-30 seconds timeframe to learn the steps. His challenge is to demonstrate those movements on the stage, while the audience unsuspecting of the implant’s true abilities, is treated to an impactful ‘WOW’ moment.

Implanted Dancer NBDS Productions

Implanted Dancer NBDS Productions

Watch Our ‘Implanted Dancer’ Skit in Action


Customize Our ‘Implanted Dancer’ Skit For Your Production

Let the experienced producers at NBDS help you see your vision come to life by assisting you in planning the performance of your preference, cutting an urban edge to an unforgettable experience.

Some options to further customize your experience include:

  • Custom Skit
  • Themed Wardrobe
  • Song Selections
  • Added Performers

Are You Planning Your Next Event?

Take this opportunity and create impact. Treat your guests to an Unexpected ‘WOW’ Moment that will energize, engage, and entertain.

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