Femme-Tality. Cutting-edge, Female Dance Troupe.

Dynamic Dance Entertainment

Add the energy and excitement to your event as breathtaking performances by this all-female dance troupe leave your audience stunned as they move across the dance floor. This modern act features diverse styles; with powerful, fast-paced moves performed to current chart music. Choreographies and improvisational routines highlight the dancers’ charismatic and engaging personalities, guaranteed to charm all guests.

Femme-Tality NBDS Productions

Featuring former Miami Heat Dancers, this all female dance troupe is sure to elevate the energy in any room. Watch as they draw in audiences with their impactful dance routines, creating a vibrant atmosphere of energy and excitement.

Femme-Tality NBDS ProductionsPhotography by Aaron Lurie of VMA Studios

Femme-Tality NBDS Productions


With increased globalization, it is crucial to appeal to a range of audiences from different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs.

We offer a diverse roster of talent that represents diversity at its core, with performers from:

    • Columbia
    • Jamaica
    • Philippines
    • Puerto Rico
    • France
    • Cuba
    • El Salvador

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