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Finding Success In The Entertainment Industry

3 Tips To Find Success In The Entertainment Industry

Success is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or an effort. To be successful we must first have something to aim for and that is where having a vision comes in.

1. Vision.

Having a vision of what you want to accomplish is crucial. It serves as a compass to guide you in the difficult decisions you will have to make and as a road map for strategizing.

Looking at the big picture allows you to make better financial and marketing decisions which can put you closer to the dream.

It’s not easy, but building yourself requires just that, “building”.

Impactful people, brands, and companies are not created overnight. They start with a vision and make decisions on how to leverage their resources to get them there.

Becoming successful in the entertainment industry takes time, but a well-guided vision can exponentially get you there faster.

2. Value.

Success only comes to those who can be of value to others. There is a saying that goes…

“make others rich and you will make yourself wealthy” – Unknown

Your cheapest currency can be someone else’s most valuable currency.

If you are an actor, your acting talent can be very valuable to a director who wants you for his next project but that same highly-praised ability might be of low value to the guy that delivers your mail (unless he has some sort of kinky fetish about delivering mail to actors, in that case I think you might want to prioritize moving).

Anyways, you get the point.

Understanding the principle of value is key to building those lasting relationships that will act as a platform for your success in the entertainment industry.

Everyone loves someone who can add to their life. Whether it is by bringing them knowledge and insights, opportunities, or even good vibes.

Success in the entertainment industry

SIDE NOTE: Networking & Providing Value

The key to networking is to build longterm relationships that are mutually beneficial.

Again, that are mutually beneficial.

That means, not building relationships with a hidden agenda to use the other person and his/her resources.

Just clarifying…

Lead with the mentality that you are seeking to be of service to others. I don’t mean offering to walk peoples’ dogs or picking up their kids from school.

To be of benefit to another you have to understand:

  • What they value/things that are important to them
  • What are current challenges they are facing
  • And, if you can help them overcome any of those

How to apply this?

It’s simple, just as them…

Depending on the context of the interaction you obviously want to modify your approach, but here are a few questions you can ask perfect strangers (in the entertainment industry):

  • Do you have any projects coming up that you’re really passionate about or are you working on anything interesting now?
  • If you could change anything about what you do what would it be and why?

Questions as such open up the dialogue in ways that allow the contact that you are engaged with to focus on themselves.

This is what exposes insight that will allow you to identify those gaps that you can help them cross.

Beyond treating a social interaction as “networking” just think about it as making friends, with cool people who have similar interests and work in the same industry.

3. Authenticity.

Genuinely take an interest in other people. Never dismiss the power of authenticity as it can be a powerful ally.

People can spot a fake person a mile away, specially in the entertainment industry.

Success in the entertainment industry

In an article about the NBC hit show ‘Amercia’s Got Talent’, celebrity judge Piers Morgan shares his #1 tip for success on the show. He says “Cage your inner chameleon. Be true to yourself. Too many contestants pretend to be someone they’re not.”


  • Do stay after rehearsal/work and bond with others. Don’t be in such a rush to leave, all this shows is that you are more focused on yourself than the team
  • Do find opportunities to be of value to others
  • Do prove that you are invested in every project you engage in
  • Do get to know your fellow talent and production team

Success In The Entertainment Industry.

If you really want to have success in the entertainment industry you must shift your focus onto others.

Building a strong network is important and that can only happen if you genuinely connect with people and can bring value into their lives.

Till the next time. Keep it real.

Success in the entertainment industry


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