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Hire Breakdancers in South Florida

Hire Breakdancers In South Florida For Your Next Event.

Why should you hire breakdancers for your next event? Because of the tricks, flips, and dynamic dance routines that can create a sense of excitement and energize any audience.

WHY No Bodies Crew?

Since 2007, No Bodies Crew has been entertaining audiences all throughout South Florida. Our roster of professional breakdancers includes talent with vast experience in:

  • Film
  • TV
  • Theater
  • Live Events (special events, corporate, social)

We pride ourselves in bringing you more than top-level breakdancers, as our cast is full of vibrant personalities that enthusiastically engage audiences of all backgrounds.

hire breakdancers south florida

Hire Breakdancers For Your Event/Production

Whether you are having a special/corporate event, producing a video/photo-shoot, or simply looking to create a live brand experience, we can assist you from the concept-to-execution.

Freestyled Performance

When you hire breakdancers it’s always important to determine what type of performance structure will be ideal for the event and the audience.

Typically, for events looking to create an impactful moment we recommend an impromptu freestyled presentation.

Hire Breakdancers South Florida

Audience Participation

If there is ever anything more entertaining then watching extremely athletic dancers flip, spin, and manipulate their bodies against gravity, then it has got to be seeing friends, family, and colleagues getting in on some of the action!

When you hire breakdancers, with the objective of engaging your event audience, it is critical to include an element of audience participation.

Hire Breakdancers South Florida

Choreographed Show

When the dance floor entertainment hits the stage is when we would recommend a choreographed breakdance performance; entertaining your guests with a variety of dynamics tricks & synchronized routines.

Hire Breakdancers South Florida

Full Production

For large scale productions, we advise our clients to let their imagination run wild. As our unique blend of urban talent is not limited to breakdancers. We can provide hip hop dancers, popping & locking, graffiti art, and an assortment of other types of street dancers & artists that will create visual impact at your event.

Hire Breakdancers South Florida

Why Hire Breakdancers from NBDS Productions?

Over the years we have built a reputation that is second to none, working with various Fortune 500 brands and top-rated agencies who choose us because of our:

    • Top-level talent (average 15 years of experience)
    • Industry experience (500+ productions in 10 years)

Our professional breakdance act, No Bodies Crew, has performed at hundreds of live events ranging from festivals such as OpSail Virginia to corporate productions such as Walmart’s ‘International Associates’ conference, Kraft Foods ‘Brand New Day’ conference, AMDOCs ‘In Touch’ conference, and many more.

What Our Clients Think

I highly recommend No Bodies Crew for any corporate events. They were extremely professional and delivered much more than we could have anticipated…they even had ME on the dance floor! – Adam Soreff, UniFirst Corporation

…not only provided excitement within our store but brought curiosity to the department. The members of No Bodies Crew are extremely talented! – Lauren Kirtley, Macy’s

Your talented group of dancers provided a unique combination of professionalism, style, humor, and fun! Our guests are still raving over your “flash-mob” performances and your impressive dance moves. – Raymond J. Kayal, Jr., NewsLink Group

Hire Breakdancers Today

We take pride in creating memorable experiences for each and every one of our clients. Our performances can be customized with a variety of elements to ensure the success of your breakdance entertainment experience.

Give us a call today to request a quote at (800)606-5134.

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