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3 Key Elements to Compare Dance Production Vendors

A Quick Guide for Event Planners & Producers –

The RFP comes in and the clock begins to tick…

Your goal is to offer your client creative solutions that can deliver impact and produce a powerful lasting impression.

In a heartbeat, you and your team wrap your heads around the vision of the event and begin to formulate a strategy.

Your brain is running at the speed of light, ideas are flowing, and abruptly the gears slow down as you arrive to the Entertainment Element.

After brainstorming with your team, a decision is made to pitch a Dance Production that can Energize, Engage, and Entertain—suddenly, you lose all momentum…

Unlike most services in the meetings & events industry, Dance Production Vendors are not structured to be compared across the board, which can make the Procurement Process more time consuming than it needs to be.

That is why I have compiled my expertise in producing over 180 Engaging Urban Experiences to offer you the 3 Key Elements to use for Vendor Comparison in your Procurement Process… in hopes of saving you time and mental-bandwidth.

Dance Production

3 Key Elements to Compare Dance Production Vendors:

Quality of the Dancers

Rate the quality of the dancers based on: (1) the level of impact of the dancers’ movements and (2) level of entertainment value that the dancers’ possess.

Some good questions to ask yourself is:

  • Do they connect with their audience?
  • Are they synchronized in their movements?
  • Is the presentation dynamic & captivating?

Performance Structure

An impactful performance should be well-designed in relation to the unique dynamics of the audience; as what may engage one demographic may not carry over to the next.

A simple, but effective, method to execute engagement in a Dance Production is using the NBDS Interactive Performance Structure:

  • Intro Dance Number
  • Crowd Interaction
  • Closing Dance Number

Support Team

A professional grade Dance Production needs much more than a body of talented dancers. There are other significant roles needed to extract maximum impact from the performance, such as:

  • A Choreographer
  • A Sound Engineer
  • A Technical Director

Look to see if the Dance Production Vendor has Resources and a solid Infrastructure that will support the goals of the performance.

The Clock Is Ticking…

Allow us to save you time and resources with our Agency-style Workflow Process that brings the most skilled urban entertainers in the industry to your reach.

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