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hip hop jams in south florida

First Class Hip Hop Jams in South Florida

Principles for Upgrading Hip Hop Jams in South Florida

After 10 years of attending an uncountable amount of Hip Hop Jams in South Florida, I have developed a few simple principles that I believe can help new and existing promoters increase the impact of their events.

As we navigate through these ideas it is important to keep in mind that I am skimming the surface on these select guidelines.

If you would like more insight or further elaboration on a particular area just drop a comment below.

With that said, buckle your seat-belt and sit back as we take flight on a journey to upgrade our minds.

hip hop jams south floridaPhotography by Aaron Lurie of VMA Studios

The Concept

The most important question you can ask yourself in the design stage is “what is the vision of this event?”. Is it just another jam or are you seeking to bring a new perspective to the Hip Hop event experience?

If there is a vision then be thoughtful in your moment of creation as this concept will be the foundation of the event brand and will secure its longevity.

Along your path to produce your Hip Hop Jam, you will have to make many tough choices and having a clearly defined vision to look back at will serve as a guiding compass, helping you to recalibrate your efforts as needed.

The Audience

Who do you want to attend your event? kids? adults? Bboys? skaters? You want everyone to come to your event right!? WRONG— this is a common misconception, although we want maximum attendance at our events the truth is that not everyone is interested in Hip Hop Jams; thus, you must identify who your target audience(s) is/are and direct all your efforts to them.

hip hop jams south floridaPhotography by Aaron Lurie of VMA Studios

The Time

Time plays a vital role in many ways. If you space the event out too long you will most likely tire and bore your audience so by the time the final battle arrives (if you have battles) no one has energy to cheer on the dancers and most of the people have probably already left.

Also, attendees make decisions on what time they will arrive at your event depending on a range of reasons. The better you know your audience the more factors you will be able to identify.

Understand that many of these factors will be out of your control; however, your awareness to them will help you plan more effectively.

Key Factors

  • how long the event runs
  • audience’s motivation in attending (competing, cyphering, supporting, spectating, etc.)

Typically the ones that go to cypher will be there longer while the ones who come to spectate will drop in to watch the main event.

By applying this information you can better structure the event flow to keep all segments of your audience energized, engaged, and having a great time.

hip hop jams south floridaPhotography by Aaron Lurie of VMA Studios

In the case you would like to have the audience arrive at a particular time (we will say 8pm for reference) you should align something to motivate them to be there, such as:

  • a live performance at 7pm
  • reduced admission before 8pm

In addition, keep in mind that the nature of your event will impact your event flow design, a family-oriented Hip Hop Jam may be earlier in the day, require a faster pace, and be shorter in overall time while a more party-oriented jam may run longer and not start until 9pm or later.

Regardless, one point that is consistent for all event types is the importance of communicating all relevant time information in your promotional materials, which brings me to my last point.

Promoting Your Hip Hop Jams

You probably already know that the flyer of the event is the business card of the event, people will glance at it and almost immediately make a decision if they will or will not attend.

A quality flyer design and printing goes a long way, but if you do not have the necessary information printed clearly then the glossy 10 point stock printing and creative graphics will do you no good.

Your flyer (and all marketing communications) should CLEARLY present the following information:

  • who (producer, host, DJs, judges)
  • when is it
  • where is it (place a map if you can)
  • why (concept/battles/party/ etc.)
  • important times
  • how much
  • a number, email, or link where they can find more information about it 

But why tell you when I can show you…

hip hop jams in south floridaFlyer Courtesy of Fresh Intelex

As you can see all points have been covered—I give it a 10 out of 10!

So now that you have a better understanding let’s cover one of the biggest constraints for event promoters—THE PROMOTIONAL BUDGET!

How to Make a Big Buzz With a Small Budget

A couple of months ago I wrote a blog where I shared 5 event promotion ideas for event promoters producing events on a small budget. In the post I address some simple methods to producing a 5 star event on a modest budget.

Post-Event Promoting

This is something that does not get too much attention since there is so much to coordinate before events that it is simply overlooked.

If you wish to continue building your event brand you will need content. Make sure you budget a production team that includes a cinematographer and photographer to capture the memory of your event.


Because you will need this content to effectively promote future installments and if you wish to attain quality sponsorship.

hip hop jams south floridaPhotography by Aaron Lurie of VMA Studios


In a marketing study I performed last year at Catalyst West Palm Beach for Marvelous Marv’s ‘Off The Grid’ Bboy Jam, I asked attendees an array of questions about local events and this is the feedback I received:

  • 4-6 hours event time is ideal, long jams fatigue attendees
  • Food and drinks at the event will keep audience there longer
  • More general audience attendance will keep competitors more energized
  • At least one out of state judge will lead to less judging bias
  • More diverse music, because music drives the dance
  • Increased production efforts will enhance the overall experience
  • Keeping the cover charge relative to prize money, venue, and overall event quality

Basically, do not charge $40 dollars at the door unless ‘The Roots’ are performing live… just use common sense (yes I know, it is not common).

Building Your Event Brand for 2014 and Beyond

Building Hip Hop Jams with integrity and quality is the cornerstone of longevity. Place all of your available resources into the event design and program.

Get the best DJS, best host, best venue, best everything!

The goal is to ensure the guests get the maximum experience at the lowest cost to them. Guaranteeing them to spread the word about the event and having them eagerly awaiting the next one.

Upgrading Hip Hop Jams and Our Culture

The South Florida Hip Hop Community has an immense amount of potential to grow. The key to enhancing our scene lies in the leadership efforts and motivations of the existing promoters.

As torch bearers it is our duty to consistently seek new levels of the Hip Hop Jam experience, building brands with our events that will drive long-term supporters, introduce fresh faces to Hip Hop Culture, and pave the way for our community’s united elevation in a first class state of mind.

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