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5 Habits of Successful Professional Dancers

5 Habits and Traits of Successful Professional Dancers

In Hollywood there is a saying which almost all professional dancers have adapted, “it’s all about who you know”.

You will hear it a million times over the span of your career but you should not put all your energy into searching for the so called “golden connections”.

Focus on your development as a professional performer and build your reputation strategically. As your talents grow, your traits will build bridges of their own.

LA professional dancersPhoto Courtesy of Nytimes.com

The Groovalos is an example of a dance unit whose journey illustrated many notable traits and habits of success.

Their vision and persistent frame of mind inevitably led them to gain a worldwide audience after winning NBC’s Super Stars of Dance.

miami professional dancers

Photo Courtesy of Nytimes.com

I am a firm believer that success can be seen in the behaviors and interactions of people.

How a person shakes your hand or even their tone of voice when speaking, are two metrics frequently attributed to successful individuals.

These are some of the things I have kept in mind when I’ve had opportunities to work with other high-grade professional dancers. Making conscious efforts to spot out some of their most apparent practices and personality traits.

Seven years later, I share these insights with you.

The Top 5 Habits and Traits of Successful Professional Dancers

1) They Have Vision

They seek to bring something new to the world.

Rather than being rooted in extrinsic rewards they have an idea, a concept, a dream of something better that will have a positive impact on others.

This drives them to stay focused and determined throughout the upward battle for success.

2) They Set Goals

With so many obstacles to break into the industry they understand that it is imperative to have a road map to accomplish their vision.

I realized that many of them use some variation of the SMART approach.

Creating goals that are:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-Bound

3) They Have Strong Work Ethic

They never slack at rehearsals not even if they have the choreography mastered.

Typically they arrive before others, stay engaged in the moment, and do not rush to leave after a rehearsal has finished.

Many times they out book more talented performers because of their reputation as a hard worker.

4) They Consistently Train

After they’ve mastered a movement or felt solid in a particular style they would venture on to the next challenge with an eager spirit to learn.

I also noticed that many had some type of weekly exercise regiment that complemented their dance training.

5) They Maintain Humility

I remember when a local Miami dancer by the name of Jose Ruiz, aka Bboy Full Deck, had a career-setting opportunity as a participant on the show SYTYCD.

Throughout his journey on the prime-time reality TV show, Bboy Full Deck maintained a humble state of mind, while showing an inspiring level of determination.

britney spears tour professional dancersPhoto Courtesy of The Pop Princess Blog

After his appearance on the show, Bboy Full Deck went on to travel the world on the 2011 Britney Spears Femme Fatale Tour.

Just goes to show how much further you can go when your talent is complemented by humility.

As I said in the beginning, it is important to know the right people but more important to see the bigger picture.

If you wish to have success as a professional dancer you should explore these mentioned habits and go beyond them. And remember that it all starts with a vision.

So be visionary, set your goals, work hard, stay consistent, and accept your accomplishments with modesty.

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