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An Urban-style Experience

An Urban-style Experience for SpringHill Suites

How do you get your event’s attendees excited and energized? You give them the Ultimate Urban-style Experience!

As the SpringHill Suites General Managers entered the conference room their senses were greeted with upbeat dance tracks, soothing uplighting design, and charismatic urban stunt performers.

the ultimate urban experience springhill suites

the ultimate urban expeirence no bodies crew

Every Urban-style Experience NBDS produces features a mixture of art-forms to maximize audience interaction.

For SpringHill Suite’s, we designed and executed a Graffiti Art mural with the catchphrase of the event “I’m Livin’ It”, which featured the brand’s vibrant color palette.

the ultimate urban expeirence no bodies crew

Thanks again for everything. It was a pleasure to work with you through the planning process and onsite at the conference. You and the “crew” were key components in our amazing event. – Emily Watson, Think Up Consulting

Conceptualizing, planning, and executing the Ultimate Urban-style Experience is a team effort and It could not have been possible without the synchronization abilities of Emily Watson and her expert staff at Think Up Consulting.

Plan YOUR Ultimate Urban Experience

Your event’s experience is completely customizable. It is our passion to support YOUR event’s objectives with our urban fun and excitement.

Select from Break-dancers (Bboys), Funk-stylists (Pop-N-Lock), Krumpers, Power Skippers, Acrobats, and Hip-Hop Dancers.
Select the canvas style and size, choose a concept, pick a key phrase, and select a color scheme.
Customize the performers wardrobe to match the event’s theme and/or brand colors.
Select from several pre-scripted crowd participation segments, such as, a dance off between two VIPS, or teaching attendees some fun dance steps.
Ask about integrating social media or mobile device technology into the crowd interaction segments.

Ready to plan YOUR next event? Call us today toll FREE for an event consultation at (800)606-5134, or shoot us an email to info@nobodiescrew.com

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