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Street Art for Mercedes Benz

A Miami Street Art Experience

Last year we had the pleasure of providing a unique Street art experience to the Mercedes Benz Diamond Club of 2012.

Their experience was facilitated by the services of Central Florida Hospitality, which is a full service destination management firm based out of central Florida that is known for their quality and expertise.

street art in miami

For this event, our veteran artist Dennis “Dwelz” Salcedo created a beautiful mural incorporating a piece of Miami with the Miami Vice color scheme.

See the 3 hour process illustrated below:

45 minutes in and the sketch is complete

street art experience in miami

Dwelz starts to add another layer of detail

streer art

Two hours in and it is coming together

street art at red the steakhouse

The process is a delicate one that cannot be rushed as the best art comes when the artist has a blank canvas and the mental bandwidth to process the ideas.

After about three hours we have our completed graffiti art mural. Shortly after this picture was taken the mural was wrapped up and sent back with the Mercedes Benz team back to the United Kingdom.

street art mural for mercedez benz

Like what you see? Call us today at (800)606-5134 and ask about customizing a street art package for your next event.

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