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Breakdancers For Corporate Events

Breakdancers For Corporate Events in South Florida

Since the late 90s, breakdance performances have been a highly requested act for a multitude of social happenings, which comes as no surprise since what festive audience wouldn’t want to see young guys spinning on their heads.

What is interesting to see is that this urban specialty act is being frequently sought after by some of America’s top corporations to be used as much more than an entertainment spectacle.

Now let’s take a look at three good reasons why fortune 500 companies hire breakdancers to reach their event objectives.

hire breakdancers


Corporations are now more than ever conscious with their event budgets and are careful to spend their earnings on minimal-value added services;  in other words, it is crucial to get the most out of the services that are supporting the event’s strategy.

So why hire breakdancers to entertain an audience when they can do that and more; a breakdance act can effectively engage an event’s audience to create a meaningful brand impression that supports the dominant message of the function.

This can be easily accomplished with the use of crowd participation segments that can absorb the attention of the audience and directly involved them in the experience.

hire breakdancers


Corporate events place a major emphasis on the message that is being conveyed by their event. Their dominant message is supported at all levels of the function as the event is designed around that central idea.

That same message can be illustrated within several elements of a breakdance performance, the outfits can match the corporate colors, special crowd interaction segments can be developed, and even the songs selected can serve as a representation of the message.

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The success of any event can be felt at various points of its happening; however, when corporations are spending an average of 9% of their annual revenue in the production of these events they expected to have meaningful goals that are attainable and measurable.

Well to no astonishment, social media and mobile device technology have become increasingly useful in the business meeting world (CVNET). To this realization, No Bodies Crew has invested an exponential amount of resources to develop creative and engaging crowd interaction segments with the use of these revolutionary social tools.

In short, we come, we engage, we brand, and we measure; truly supporting YOUR event’s objectives at every possible point and with a whole lot of STYLE!

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No Bodies Crew also offers Graffiti Art, MC, and DJ services. Call us today and find out how simple and fun it is to bring the ultimate—customizable—urban experience to your next big event.

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