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Breakdancers for 80s Events

Breakdancers for 80s Events

Get them while they’re hot, we have all colors, all sizes, we even have breakdancers for 80s events and 90s events! So tell me, what else comes to your mind when you think 80s? Maybe the clothing, the hairstyles, Rock music, the famous Rubik’s Cube, and then— some MORE breakdancing!?

breakdancers for 80s events

Turbo and Ozone fom the movie Breakin’ and Breakin’ 2

The art-form of Breakin’ spawned with the creation of Hip-Hop Culture in the early 1970s and has had quite an impact on our global society; becoming one of the most influential movements of its time.

Now a days, event planners all over know that if it’s an 80s party then its got to have the urban excitement of bboys. Bboys, or breakdancers, are energetic acrobatic dancers who can WOW audiences with their gravity-defying movements and lighting speed spins; bringing any 80s events into overdrive!

We now interrupt this broadcast to bring you Our latest 80s adventure!

No Bodies Crew arrived at The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida for the March of Dimes Glitz – Save the Last Dance 80’s themed fundraiser.

breakdancers for 80s events

Breakdancers at the Breakers… Get it?

breakdancers for 80s events

Show time is here and in the words of Montell Jordan, this is how we do it!

Yes we got our boogie on for the Glitz 80’s themed event and left the audience with a great impression of modern day breakdancers. The event featured a silent and live auction, fun specialty cocktails, a delectable dinner and dancing, dancing, and more dancing.

Anyone will tell you, breakdancers for 80s events is a must! As music can bring you back to the era of wild hair and a revolting young America, but dance can take it a step further.

Having an 80s fiesta? Let No Bodies Crew make your 80s event a true experience for all your guests in attendance. For more information call us today at (800)606-5134, and ask about our customizable 80s package!


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