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Breakdancers for Festivals: OpSail Virginia 2012

Breakdancers for Festivals

One of our favorite festival events hands down has got to be OpSail Virginia 2012. This event is so massive, and requires so many resources, that it takes place only once every 10 years.

A $60 million dollar event that is the port of Virginia’s official celebration to commemorate the War of 1812 and the writing of the Star Spangled Banner.

breakdancers for festivals

Breakdancers for festivals—who ever though that the Xtreme acrobatic movements and gravity-defying stunts of breakdancers could be such a great time!? Well lucky for us, the event producer Festevents thought so!

I look back now and I am glad that the guys and myself experienced the legendary OpSail. The performers were so pumped that we all decided to bring down the house with an upgraded version of the Break Xtreme act.

The performances featured four of our elite breakdancers who brought laughter, excitement, fun, and energy to the masses at Town Point Park.

breakdancers for festivals

Also, during the time spent at the massive festival, No Bodies Crew was featured on The Hamptons Road Show and ABC Channel 13 News. We performed an improvised segment for each station after telling them who we are and what we had in store for OpSail.

breakdancers for festivals

What else is there to say? Well the weather was pleasant, the people were oh so humble, and the town of Norfolk was literally out of a history book. Hope you enjoyed this adventure and I look forward to bringing you along for the next one!

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