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3Ball MTY at Premios Juventud 2012

No Bodies Crew Performs With 3ball MTY at PJ2012

Over the years, members of No Bodies Crew have been involved in Premios for dance numbers and acting skits; however, what makes this year memorable is that we had the opportunity to performed together, as a group.

3ball MTY

From its inception, the vision for the performance had high expectations since it was the first time in South Florida that two Urban Dance groups, No Bodies Crew & Illmatik Phlow, collaborated for a production of this caliber; the performance also featured local talent such as Viviana Puga, Maria “Malu” Quintal, William “Flexx” Fernandez, and MissTaken Crew’s very own Shell Griffith.

As far as rehearsals, the process ran quite smooth due to the fact that every Bboy in the room could catch on to choreography, and if you are a dancer you know exactly why that is a big deal!

3ball MTYThis is the moment it all comes down to; not only the hours of rehearsals, but the years of sacrifice and training; for these priceless moments on stage where your character, persona, inner you is unleashed all for the sake of putting a smile on someone’s face, and any entertainer can tell you that it is always worth it.

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